The Missional Learning Commons is something we plan to continue to put together each year in the Midwest.

Please leave a comment below to

  1. Offer feedback on the most recent Learning Commons (Oct 29-30, 2010 in Chicago), and
  2. Make suggestions for topics/issues/format in years to come.


  1. how about for next time:
    1) urban mission
    2) suburban mission
    3) contemplative mission

  2. Explain “contemplative mission.” Maybe like intercessory prayer? New monasticism?

    Also, I’d love to infuse the gathering with more prayer and worship next time.

  3. Dustin Underwood says:

    I am hoping to hear from and think about the diverse theological landscape we find ourselves in. For example, do the old allegiances to protestantism, Roman Catholicism, and more Eastern Orthodox mean as much as they used to? Also, how should we as Missional Evangelicals live alongside these brothers and sisters in the kingdom. I only think on this because of the richness in daily practical liturgies surrounding these traditions (and many others…Liberal too?)

  4. Great conference, great ideas – great people – I published a detailed summary and response at

  5. Amber Hipskind says:

    I thought it was fantastic!!!! I especially loved the 12 minute format.

  6. Dustin Underwood says:

    Also, Great conference. I always enjoy the ability to process these ideas in the table discussions. Everyone is extremely thoughtful and humble-something that is hard to come by in some conferences. Thanks again!

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